How to play Pokdeng online for real money

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In this topic, UFABET will teach you how to play Pokdeng cards from the start. Pick a cash chip and place it on the table then wait for your hand. Deal 2 cards to the player and count the bounce. To decide whether to stay or call To draw a 3rd card which the player will choose to ask for more cards. or do not have to wait for the dealer to decide whether the score will match the player or not

Pokdeng Betting Rules It’s pretty easy and happens quickly. It doesn’t take long to make a decision, just seconds so it’s easy to understand. The score page is described as follows.

  • A card counts as the lowest 1 point.
  • Cards J, Q, K are counted as 0 points.
  • Other cards are counted according to their face number 2-10 points.
  • How to count points in Pokdeng hand When the total score exceeds 10, subtract the ten digit. For example, the first card 10 + 9 equals 19, that is, your hand is Pok 9. Then wait to win with the dealer. If you have the same points Show that you have failed.

Forms of bounce poker cards

Players can choose to play You can be a dealer or a player in 2 ways.

  1.  Be the dealer The player who wants to be the dealer. will pay you According to the table rate, for example, a table with a minimum price of 20 baht, you have to pay a table fee of 20/hour, and the minimum ownership amount, the player must have more than 600 baht in their account to qualify for ownership.
  2. As a player, a player can only have 1 leg on the table, and the player can choose the price of the table as they want. But there will be the conditions of the players. For example, players want to enter the table for 20 per round. Players must have more than 100 funds in their account to participate.

Pokdeng Online Payout Rates

Pok 9 > Pok 8 > Three cards > Arrangement of cards > Sort cards > Color cards > Normal cards have the following meanings.

  1. Pok 9 means 2 cards, total 9 points, payout rate 1 times.
  2. Pok 8 is two cards of 8 points, payout rate is 1
  3. Play Pok 9 2 bounce and Pok 8 double bounce, which are two cards of the same suit with a payout rate 2 times.
  4. Pok 9 and Pok 8 three bounce are 3 cards of the same suit with a payout rate 3 times.
  5. Three cards means all 3 cards have the same number, the payout rate is 5 times.
  6. A flower arrangement or straight flush is 3 cards of the same number and same suit that pay 5 times.
  7. Sian Big Card or Three Yellow Cards means all 3 cards are J,Q,K, the payout rate is 3 times.
  8. Sort means 3 cards in a row, pays 3 times.
  9. Color means 3 cards of the same suit, not ranked, payout 3 times.
  10. case of cards of the same color descending order
  11. Pho Dum, Red Heart, Khao Phet and Jeab, respectively.
  12. Pair means the first 2 cards have the same number, pays 2 times.
  13. Normal cards are compared according to that number. If equal, measure at the flower.