Cow cow baccarat, minimum bet 10 baht

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Cow cow baccarat or cow cow baccarat is a type of online baccarat. That is played without much in common. With modern baccarat games. It stands out for its fun, fun gameplay, and the payout rate is even more challenging. For many gamblers who love excitement, excitement and exciting challenges like this. Should come and try to play once in life, believe that Baccarat Cow cow may be a game that meets the needs of the players ever. This game in terms of odds is different from the common Baccarat cards. We mentioned above. The game of Baccarat Cows and Cows has a payout ratio of 9:1, which is almost ten times the stake of this size. It is consider the most suitable for making profits.

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Bull Cow Baccarat is the most understandable version of the Baccarat card game. Suitable for newbies who are learning to play baccarat online. But still not counting cards accurately, can’t play big cards or small cards. The simple rule is to choose which side will win by playing with Cow cow baccarat. There will be a fast playing rate. Not as long as the general baccarat itself. for winning and losing It is the decision to get points from the cards you get, the lowest point is 0, the maximum is 9, to get a 9 8 face out of two cards. Forces the opponent not to draw more cards. For example, a player can bet on 9 face cards but the other side gets 5 cards from the deal. The player will win the game immediately. The counting scores are as follows:

  • A = 1 point A number dot represents the value of that number.
  • JKQ = 0 points are worthless.
  • The result of a winning hand equal to 9. Will be charge 5% commission.
  • When the player bets on the losing hand The portion of the losing amount refers to the table above, for example, Player (A,3,4) equals 8 winning points, Banker (Q,A,2) equals 3 points.
  • When a player bets on a player The payout ratio is 8:1.
  • When Player bets Banker. Player will be deducted 8 times. The original amount, for example Player (2,6,A) equals 9 points wins. Banker K,1,2 equals 3 points.
  • When a player bets on a player. Players are paid 9:1 and minus 5% commission.
  • When players bet on Banker. They are charged 9 times their stake.
  • If the sum of both sides is equal. It is a draw and if when the player bets Bet on Banker, Player and result is Tie, all bets will be returned. But if you choose a tie and the result is the same, the payout rate is 8:1, you can play through the latest entrance like UFABET entrance  !