Lewandowski: ‘The team has great potential’

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Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski Show confidence that the new agency Possessing the potential to win all titles this season,

the 33-year-old spearheaded from Bayern Munich to Camp Nou last summer. After a successful career in the Bundesliga, the UFABET report

Lewandowski gave a press conference in Dallas. Last Monday night that “If you play for Barca It’s also natural to think about winning every title.”

“If you look at our potential, I think we have every chance to win. We have great potential.”

“The young players in the squad are very hungry. And I want to do my best.”

“I get along well with my teammates, everyone helps me and it means a lot to me. I’m here to do my best.”

“Since the first day I feel good with the team and new teammates because I can see that everyone is helping and supporting me

.” It means so much I feel great I know I’m here to do my job and do my best.”

“Of course, I will do my best. and for this reason I will try to score as many goals as possible. But the most important thing is to win as a team.”

“Team interests come first. Maybe number two is my goal. But perhaps the best way would be that both were going well from

the start. And winning that game is the most important thing.”