Lampard slams Everton players after losing in friendly games

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Everton boss Frank Lampard has criticized the team’s form after their 4-0 friendly defeat to Minnesota United, saying that if they continue playing like this, there is a chance they could be relegated for another year.

“Toffees” warm up in two pre-season games. And they lost both games in such a way that they still haven’t scored a goal. And conceded six goals, with their latest game being led 3-0 before ending the game in a 4-0 defeat that has caused many fans to criticize online. Even if it’s just a warm-up game.

“Every player has to work hard. And understand that in the past year the team has to fight the struggle to escape relegation We had a big night against Crystal Palace [that saved the team from relegation] but it all passed. and if you don’t want that kind of incident to happen again They must be better And I have to work better as well.”

“Every player on the team understands that. You guys have been very disappointing in terms of personal performance. or the overall performance of the team.”

Lampard also admitted that the loss of Richarlison to Spurs for £60million left a huge gap in their attacking line. the UFABET report

“We wish him success. As for us, we have lost some of the best players from the team. And we have to keep going our way. It’s a huge gap. But as a team, we have to find a replacement. And to strengthen, Everton needs a team that is ready to compete.”